Srpski Institut - Serbian Institute

Srpski Institut - Serbian Institute

The Serbian Institute is a Washington DC based think tank whose mission is to promote fair US policies in the Balkans

Building a bridge between America and the Serbian people”








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The Serbian Institute is a Washington D.C. based non-profit institution whose mission is to educate the public through multimedia outreach and information that helps connect the Balkans with North America and promotes a better understanding of Balkan issues.  We believe that exchanging ideas and information is a valuable part of building stronger relations between the United States and the Serbian people. 



Alex Machaskee, Obrad Kesic, Danielle Sremac, Branko Terzic


The formation of the Serbian Institute, National Press Club, Washington DC, March 2013.  watch video





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Danielle Sremac,

President / Executive Director of the Serbian Institute



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Invest in Serbia

Project with support from the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to promote business relations between Serbia and its diaspora










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